Who We Are

Project ZULU

Project Zulu has been working in partnership with South African township schools since 2012. What started as a one-off link with a primary school in the Madadeni Township has now grown into a longstanding partnership agreement with 11 schools across 2 township communities including multiple primary schools, a secondary school and a special educational needs school.

Based at UWE Bristol, we are fortunate enough to focus all our efforts on our two key strands of work.

Firstly and most famously, coordinating our biennial Choir Tours, bringing children from the township schools to tour the UK with their incredible Zulu songs with every penny raised being returned to their school to support impactful development projects.

Secondly, our volunteering work with UWE Bristol staff and academics involves teams offering their time in the UK and South Africa to support the delivery of educational development projects identified by the South African schools.

Where We Work

Project Zulu are based in Bristol, UK however our work now spans across two township communities in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Links were first formed with schools in and around the Madadeni township neighbouring the town of Newcastle. Madadeni is an urban township that has grown considerably in population since we first started visiting. We now work with 8 schools within this area including 6 primary, 1 secondary and 1 educational needs school.

More recently Project Zulu has formed partnerships with schools in a nearby area of Dundee. These 3 primary schools are our most rural of all in our partnership, each located outside of the small Dundee town, children walk long distances to school or rely on daily school transport.

Origin Of Our Name

The name Project Zulu originated from the very first UK choir tour in 2013. A central aim of the choir tours is the promotion of Zulu Culture. Showcasing the rich and fascinating song, dance, and colour of Zulu tradition lies at the heart of Project Zulu choir tours and the name was chosen to represent this. When the educational aspects of the partnership became well established, from approximately 2015 onwards, the name Project Zulu was settled and much loved by all involved.