About the School

Principal: Mr Phakathi

Mntimande Primary is located in the Madadeni Township and has been working with Project Zulu for several years.

They have over 1,000 pupils on role at their school and, like many of our partner schools, they also suffer from overcrowding and lack of space and equipment. Hidden away down a small sidetrack and surrounded by local housing, Mntimande has limited space on their modest school site however using their funds raised during the 2016 Choir Tour, Jobstown were able to build an additional new classroom helping to reduce the overcrowding.

Mntimande Primary is also the home to our talented Choir Tour Coach, Mr Phakathi. Since 2018 Mr Phakathi, together with support from his assistant Mr Zungu, has auditioned, trained and toured with our successful Project Zulu Choirs, dedicating hours of his own time to support these children.


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