Project Objective

Providing training for local educators in subject areas identified by Project Zulu partner schools, using the skills and experience of UWE Bristol academics from the Department of Education & Childhood.

About the project

English is one of 11 official languages in South Africa and though not the most common first language it is the most widely spoken second language. It is also the language of instruction in schools, technology and international business and science and therefore fluency and understanding are crucial for any young person making their way in the modern South Africa. Our partner schools have identified reading comprehension and writing in English as key challenges for their learners and tasked Project Zulu with designing a programme to support teachers in the teaching of English.

In 2016 we began hosting English, and subsequently Mathematics, workshops and conferences for teachers in the Amajuba District. To date, around 900 teachers have benefited from the training. We now provide ongoing support via online group chat forums and our training and teaching materials available to partner schools in the Resources section of this website.



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