Project Objective

To meet specific engineering needs identified by individual partner schools to help support the successful and safe running of their school facilities.

About the project

In 2016 it was identified by Siyawela Primary school that Project Zulu could provide support for their water shortages experienced during the annual dry season. A team of students and a supporting academic from the UWE Bristol School of Engineering began work in 2016 to implement a strategy to safely collect and harvest rain water to supply the school throughout the dry season. The water harvesting and filtration project was completed in 2018 after three student volunteering cycles.

In 2023, two further engineering projects were completed. Mntimande Primary school had been experiencing annual flooding, preventing pupils from accessing the classrooms at the back of the school during the rainy season and resulting in further overcrowding in already busy classrooms. The UWE Bristol engineering students successfully built a causeway from the main school to the back classrooms via the toilet block to ensure all facilities can remain operational year-round. This group of students also delivered a sanitation project at Umcebowolwazi Primary school, plumbing in urinals and sinks to the school’s sanitation blocks.



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