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Sithobelumthetho Primary School had a need for more affordable energy. Its electricity supply was intermittent, unreliable and very expensive. The electricity was paid for out of school fees but, at the time, only 50% of the schools 900 families could afford to pay the fees of £20 per child, per year.

Summer 2013 saw a 26 strong children's choir travel to England to complete a 3 week tour of the UK. Whether in sold out concert venues, school halls, radio and TV studios or simply busking in the street these children put their all into every performance. They even recorded their own 2013 Tour Album.

Using the funds raised from this tour, Sithobelumthetho Primary were able to purchase and install solar panels on the roof of their school.

The solar panels have been up and running since January 2014, they have helped provide a reliable and consistent supply of electricity to the school and have reduced the schools electricity bill.

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Tour Itinerary

This tour has now ended.


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