About the School

Principal: Mr Ndlangamandla

Umcebowolwazi Primary joined the Project Zulu programme in 2016. They’re located in the middle of the Madadeni Township and originally catered to Grades 5-7, pupils aged 10-13yrs. In 2020 the school received its first intake of Grade R pupils and are planning to continue steadily increasing its pupil intake each academic year.

The Umcebowolwazi school site is a mixture of brick buildings and prefabricated classrooms. Whilst the school site is spacious, they lack basic resources to support their pupils learning. Umcebowolwazi used their funds from the 2016 Choir Tour to purchase desks and chairs which enabled them to make use of previously empty classrooms.

From the 2018 Choir Tour, Umcebowolwazi used their funds raised to secure their IT Classroom. The school has some, albeit limited IT resources, however these couldn’t previously be brought out for use until the IT classroom had been secured against possible thefts. Umcebowolwazi has been receiving support from our Township Technology project to help get the most out of their IT equipment with ongoing IT hardware and software support when the project team visits.



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