Project achievements

We have celebrated several project achievements at our partner schools in KwaZulu-Natal. These achievements wouldn't be possible without our supporters' donations and the hard work of our partners and UWE Bristol volunteers.

Solar panel array at Sithobelumthetho Primary School
Funds raised on the first ever Project Zulu UK choir tour in 2013 were used to install a 53 solar panel array at Sithbelumthetho Primary School in Madadeni. This significantly lowered the school’s energy bills enabling them to redirect financial resources towards other educational priorities.

Concrete netball court at Sipheni Primary School
With their share of funds raised from the 2016 Project Zulu UK choir tour, Sipheni Primary School constructed a concrete netball court for pupils to use during PE lessons and for break time play. This facility has been in constant use since 2017 and provides a flat hard surface for sports where only grass previously existed.

Computer Labs at Jobstown and Umcebowolwazi Primary Schools
Student teams from UWE Bristol have worked with Jobstown and Umcebowolwazi Primary Schools to develop reliable and up to date ICT facilities for staff and pupils. Both schools now have functional computer labs and internet connectivity. At Jobstown staff and pupils have also benefited from additional digital literacy workshops run by UWE Bristol computer science and teacher education students.

New classrooms at Mntimande, Siyawela and Jobstown Primary Schools
Following the 2016 UK Project Zulu choir tour, Mntimande and Jobstown Primary Schools were able to build much needed extra classroom space which has relieved some of the pressure of over-crowding. With up to 70 pupils per class, both schools have benefited from using these new teaching spaces.

A rainwater harvesting and filtration system at Siyawela Primary School
Between 2018 and 2019 student civil engineering teams from UWE Bristol designed and installed a rainwater harvesting and filtration system at Siyawela Primary School. This has enabled the school to capture and use rainwater for during dry periods or when mains water supplies are unreliable.

A fully irrigated, laser-levelled rugby and soccer pitch at Sithobelumthetho Primary School
Combining funds raised on the 2015 PZ UK choir tour with funding from UWE Bristol and The Atlas Foundation, we have been able to construct a sports field on what was previously an area of wasteland next to Sithobelumthetho Primary School. The ground was laser levelled in 2020 and the new pitch has a sustainable sprinkler system and brand-new turf. Topped-off with combination posts for rugby and soccer, it will be an asset to the school and the local community.

Reading books for all our partner primary schools
In 2017 UWE Bristol teacher education students raise funds for every primary school in the Project Zulu partnership to receive sets of new reading books for all ages and reading abilities. These, alongside teacher development workshops on best practice in the teaching of reading, are slowly changing reading cultures and supporting improvements in reading with understanding.

Professional development workshops for English and Mathematics teachers 
Since 2016 UWE Bristol academics have been running local and district-wide workshops and conferences on the teaching or reading, writing and mathematics. Among our partner schools these sessions have led to the creation of sustainable English and Mathematics networks in which teachers in South Africa liaise with UWE Bristol academics via whatsapp groups and share resources via the Project Zulu website.