August volunteering returns!

Published, 02/08/2022

We’re looking forward to seeing UWE Bristol students fly to South Africa to start volunteering. This year there’s a lot of excitement due to Project Zulu being able to resume travel and visit our colleagues again. Dr Ben Knight, UWE Bristol Senior Lecturer in Education and Director of Project Zulu, said: “After a challenging couple of years, we are delighted to be resuming our annual volunteering in South Africa this summer. We can’t wait to see and work with our partners face-to-face again and continue to build those important connections, which are not only beneficial to our students and staff but improve educational opportunities for the local schoolchildren, too.”

This year also marks the first-time volunteers will be visiting Boshkloof school to volunteer on new and exciting projects being run there. The Rugby project is also going ahead this August after several years and we can’t wait to see the Rugby tournament which connects our volunteers and partner schools in sporting activity and teamwork.

One of the students travelling to South Africa to volunteer is Dulcie Barnes-Long, 20, who is studying Primary Education. She said: “I’m most looking forward to immersing myself in a whole other culture and experience a different teaching environment to what I’m used to back in England. Project Zulu has given me an amazing opportunity to not only fly out to South Africa and help another community of learners but also an opportunity to benefit my professional development and career prospects when I begin applying for jobs in January.”

Some of the highlights this August include meeting the 2023 Project Zulu Choir, who are currently going through selections and rehearsals, alongside important educational schemes such as the Maths and English catch up sessions. These have been organised to support learners with key skills who have fallen behind. As always, keep an eye on our social media for updates on our arrival in South Africa and updates from the projects.

Written by Jen Garmston

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