2015 Choir Member Lungani Mkhwanazi

Published, 23/10/2023

In August, Project Zulu had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with Lungani (Lunga) Mkhwanazi, a 2015 choir tour member. Lunga is now studying business management in Johannesburg. He describes himself as “one of those people who is more to helping people creating opportunities and developing my community”.

Lunga was back in Madadeni for rehearsals with ISISA SABAPHIKELILE, a performance group that he founded and proudly leads. The group consists of over 20 young people who share a passion for music, dancing and celebrating Zulu culture.

We had the pleasure of watching some of their rehearsals, where Noluthando, also a 2015 choir tour member sings as a lead vocalist. The group performed a collection of traditional Zulu songs and blew us away with their excellent dancing.

Lunga reflects on his experience touring the UK with Project Zulu and said “it's inspired me by realising that anything is possible if you are determined. The impact was incredibly positive.” He looks back fondly on his memories of staying with a host family and touring the UK.

“Please continue with the project. It helps so much. It encourages the youngsters to not lose hope but commit themselves in other things that can make their lives better one day,” Lunga explains.

We are extremely proud of the choir tours and the opportunities and inspiration they provide for all involved, from the choir members themselves to our partner schools and host families in the UK.

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with former choir members, hear what they’re up to now and learn how touring inspired them. We look forward to seeing Lunga and ISISA SABAPHIKELILE again soon.

Written by Kate Willis

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